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Tartan Tea Party  at Grange Community Centre 25 Feb 2018

A JIG FOR MARCUS J8 x 32 bars 3 Couple Repeat 4 Couple Longwise Set Hugh&Joan Ferguson Bristol 50th Anniversary

1-61s set, cross by the right and cast to 2nd place on opposite sides;
7-82s1s3s take hands on the sides and set;
9-20 2s1s3s rights and lefts for 3 couples;
21-24 1M up, 1L down, half figures of 8 across, finishing facing first corners;
25-28 1s pass and turn with first corners, finishing by passing right shoulders to face second corners;
29-32 1s pass and turn with second corners, finishing 2s1s3s on own sides;
33-40 6 hands round and back.

BRECON IN MARCH (R5x40) 5C Sq.Set Peter Wright Bristol 40th Anniversary Book    Start 5s facing 1s

1- 8 1s+5s dance ½ R&L, 1L+2s also 1M+4s dance RH across to end 1s facing each other in middle - Man facing down, Lady up
9-16 1s set and ½ turn RH, 1M+3s also 1L+5s dance LH across ending 1s passing LSh to 1M facing 4M and 1L facing 2M
17-24 1M+4M+2L also 1L+2M+4L LSh reels of 3 across ending in lines of 3 across BtoB facing top and bottom couples
25-32 All set and advance 2 steps (5s+3s under arches), all set turning about and dance back under arches
33-40 1s turn RH and LH in centre while other couples turn RH and chase clockwise ¾ way round (M leading) to end 2345 with 1s in centre facing 2s in top place

FÀILTE GU ALBA (R8x32) 3C (4C set) Joyce Porteous Third Sheaf Collection

1- 8 1s dance down, cast up round 3s (2s step up 3-4). 2s+1s+3s turn partners RH. Finish in Allemande hold facing up
9-16 2s+1s+3s dance Allemande. 1s end facing 1st corner pstns
17-18 1L+3M also 1M+2L pass RSh to change places while 3L+2M set
19-20 3M+2L (in centre) turn LH once round while others chase clockwise to next corner
21-24 Repeat bars 17-20 from new positions
25-28 Repeat bars 17-20 from new positions except bars 27-28 when 1s (in middle) turn LH to end 1M between 2s (at top) facing 2L, 1L between 3s facing 3M
29-32 ½ LSh reels of 3 across (1M+2s and 1L+3s). Bar 32 - 1s dance towards each other, turn left about to face own sides
33-40 2s+1s+3s dance Double Triangles

THE GOODHIND REEL (R8x32) 3C (4C set) John Drewry Donside Book

1- 8 1s+2s+3s set, cross RH, set and cross back RH
9-16 1s+3s dance Double Fig of 8 round 2s (1s cross down to start)
17-20 1s dance down middle, cross over and cast up to 2nd place while 2s set and cross RH to 3rd place while 3s cast up to 1st place and cross RH (as Muirland W)
21-24 3s+1s+2s dance ½ reel of 3 on sides (3s out and down and 1s cross up to own sides to start). (2)1(3)
25-28 1s+3s change places on sides (1s between 3s) and 3s cross down to 3rd place own side while 1s cast to 2nd place
29-32 2s+1s change places on sides (1s between 2s) and 2s cross up to 1st place own side while 1s cast to 2nd place

THE WATER OF LEITH (S4x32) 4 Couple Set John Wilkinson Edinburgh 90th Anniv

1- 8 1s+3s set. 1L dances down, casts up round 2M into middle facing down as 1M dances across, casts round 2L into middle facing up while 3s dance same round 4s. 1s+3s change places RH with partner into line of 4 in middle (M face down, L face up)
9-16 1s+3s dance reel of 4 in middle
17-20 1s+2s also 3s+4s dance RH across
21-24 1M followed by 1L casts round 2L to 2nd place own sides as 3M followed by 3L casts round 4L to 4th place (2s+4s step up 23-24)
25-32 1s+4s dance Espagnole:-
' 25-26 1s+4s cross (Ladies lead across RH passing between Men) with Ladies changing places RH
' 27-28 1s+4s cross back (Men lead across RH between Ladies) with Men changing places RH
' 29-32 4s turn RH as 1s turn LH

HUNTER'S MOON Jig 4 x 32 bars 4 Couple 3s and 4s cross on second chord John Drewry Bankhead Book 1

1-2 2s3s set;3-8 2s 3s dance La Baratte:
3-4 2s 3s cross by the right and retain hold with arms fully extended
5-5 2s 3s cross halfway back, raising right arms so that each L can dance under partner's right arm and taking left hands with partner, finishing on the centre line, Mn behind partners, 2s facing down, 3s up;
6-6 2s 3s continue to cross, releasing right arms and raising left hands so that each L can dance under partner's left arm, finishing by retaining left hand hold with arms fully extended
7-8 2s 3s cross by the left, finishing 2L3M 2M3L in promenade hold, facing out on the sides;
9-12 giving left shoulder to start, 2L3M on the Mn's side, 2M3L on the Ls' side, promenade half reels of 3, finishing in the centre, 3L2M facing down, 3M2L facing up, releasing hold and taking promenade hold with partners;
13-16 giving right shoulder to start, 3s on the Mn's side, 2s on the Ls' side, promenade half reels of 3, finishing in the centre, 3s facing down, 2s facing up, and releasing left hands;
17-20 3s2s right hands across, finishing 3s facing up, 2s down, retaining right hand hold with partners only;
21-24 3s cross up and cast to 2nd place on own sides WHILE 2s cross down and cast up to 3rd place on opposite sides;
25-28 1s3s 2s4s set and link for two on the sides, finishing 3s1s4s2s, 4s 2s on opposite sides
29-32 all chase halfway clockwise, finishing 2s4s1s3s, 1s 3s on opposite sides.